Need a Puplicist? Make your dog Instagram famous #Dogstagram

Got a cute pooch but not sure how Instagram works or how to get more double-taps for your pup? You need a puplicist.

Puplicist [PUP’-lih-syst]: (n) A publicist for your pup. Ex.”This pic is so cute! Gotta send it to Fido’s puplicist.”

With our extensive experience curating the #PortsmouthLOVE Pup feature and even more experience ogling cute puppy videos, the PortsmouthLOVE team will set up a Dogstagram account for your pup — that’s an Instagram account, but for your dog.

Why does my dog need their own Instagram account?

If you’re concerned with privacy on your personal Instagram account, you may be set to private — meaning any hashtags you use are going nowhere in getting you seen by people who aren’t already approved followers of yours. Or maybe you’re just not on social media, and don’t really “get” Instagram. Even if you’re on Facebook, those pics are probably only seen by your friends.

But your puppy pics shouldn’t remain hidden from the world — it’s your duty as a dog mom/dad to share the cuteness with those less dog-fortunate out there.

Okay fine — how does this work?

Just contact us and we’ll guide you through it. You’ll just need to provide us with the email account you’d like to receive notifications on, and we’ll work with you to edit notification frequency/type, get you set up so you can email or text photos and/or captions to magically appear on Instagram, or even help you by personally posting edited, captioned, hashtag-rich, double-tappable posts for you — all on a pay-what-you-want model.